The moisture content within the concrete pore network significantly influences the mechanical, thermal, and durability characteristics of concrete structures. This paper introduces a novel fully embedded wireless temperature and relative humidity sensor connected to an automatic acquisition system designed for continuous concrete monitoring. Relative humidity measurements from this new sensor are compared with those obtained by a commercial system based on the borehole method at different depths (2.5 and 4.0 cm) and exposure conditions (oven drying and humid chamber).

The results allow for proving that both systems provide consistent internal relative humidity measurements aligned with the exposure conditions and highlight the capability of fully embedded wireless sensors as a practical and reliable alternative to the conventional borehole method.

Additionally, the continuous monitoring of the wireless cast-in sensor exhibits reliability during unintended temperature fluctuations, emphasizing the effectiveness of permanently installed sensors in promptly detecting unintended curing variations in real time. The continuous real-time information provided combined with the practicality of these sensors might assist construction managers to improve the quality control of the concrete curing process and shrinkage behavior, and ensure the integrity of concrete surface finishing.

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