Monsec. Monitoring sensors for concrete

Online monitoring of concrete setting in real time

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Conservation in Construction Awards 2023
by the Association for the Repair, Reinforcement and Protection of Concrete (ARPHO)

Advanced technology and consultancy for concrete curing control

Experts in sensor technology and concrete technology have joined forces to create Monsec®, a comprehensive solution for remote monitoring of concrete curing in construction projects.
Monsec® performs temperature and relative humidity measurements inside the concrete to establish an accurate estimate of the evolution of the concrete strength in real time.

Real-time on-site quality control

  • Directly monitors the concrete placed in the structure.
  • Early detection of changes in delivered concrete or curing conditions.
  • Increased safety on the construction site.

Time and cost savings

  • Savings of up to 50% in technical costs vs. the traditional method of core breaking.
  • Savings in labor and financial costs.

Reduction in CO2 emissions

  • Optimization of the cement content of the batches.

Prediction reliability

  • The Maturity Method is one of the most accurate techniques for determining the in-situ strength of concrete.
  • It can show local variations in strength between different locations of the structure.

Cloud-based information accessible 24/7

  • Updates every 15 min.
  • Wireless system, totally embedded in the concrete.

360° technical support

  • Consulting on the application of the Monsec® solution by experts with more than 30 years of experience in concrete technology.

Automatize data collection and processing of your formwork data

Install Monsec wireless sensors in the mesh before the concrete is poured and they will record the temperature and relative humidity of the material throughout the setting process at predetermined intervals.

The sensors send the records via radio signal to the Monsec Station, which is installed at the same time as the sensors. This station transmits the information via Wi-Fi network or data connection to the Monsec server in the cloud, where the data is processed and presented visually.

Sensor Monsec

Easy and fast to implement

No learning curve. You only need to install the Monsec Station on site and deploying the sensors is very simple: they are fastened to the mesh with a flange and activated by a button. Once activated, Monsec does the rest for you.

Accurate, complete and real-time information

Monsec provides you with accurate and complete information on various concrete parameters, which helps you to evaluate the curing process and offers reliable support to project management in decision-making for formwork interventions.

From the data recorded on site, Monsec processes and presents the information in the form of graphs, which allow you to monitor different parameters over time via the webapp, from anywhere.

These are the parameters that Monsec offers you and that make it a highly reliable tool for setting monitoring, compared to other solutions:

Gráficas de presentación de datos en la webapp de Monsec

An integral solution

Sensor Monsec

Monsec Sensor

The Monsec wireless sensor registers the temperature and relative humidity in fresh and hardened concrete and sends the data via radio signal to the Monsec Station.

Two sensor models are available, which are suitable for measurements at depths of up to 30 cm and up to 50 cm.

The measurement frequency of the sensor can be configured in the Monsec application, depending on the characteristics of the project, in order to obtain an efficient calculation of the compressive strength. The sensor battery has an average life of 3 months, with the default data acquisition frequency.

Monsec Station

The Monsec Station receives the data sent by the sensors, stores it and sends it to the Monsec server in the cloud. It can be connected to the electrical grid or powered by a battery with grid or solar charging.

This equipment adapts to the connectivity of the project location to transmit the data, for which it is possible to choose one of the following options:

Transmission of data through a Wi-Fi network with Internet connection.
Data transmission via GPRS/3G/3G/4G/LTE modem.
Manual data recovery by dumping to USB memory stick.
Monsec Station
Monitorización de los encofrados desde la webapp de Monsec

Monsec Software

Monsec’s software includes a self-developed algorithm that allows the precise calculation of the instantaneous concrete strength Rc (MPa) from the temperature and relative humidity records collected by the sensors.

The temperature, relative humidity, strength and maturity curves of the concrete are displayed in the web application, from where it is possible to generate and download reports at any time during the process.

When several sensors are arranged in the same formwork, the software generates a thermal diagram from the values recorded by each sensor, providing a graphical image of the state of the concrete setting at different points.


Webinar on Monsec on the PTEC platform

Webinar on Monsec on the PTEC platform

The Spanish Construction Technology Platform (PTEC) has hosted a webinar about Monsec, the solution for the online monitoring of concrete setting developed by Witeklab and Smart Engineering. In this webinar, Ignasi Cairó, CTO of Witeklab, and Tai Ikumi Montserrat,...

Monsec is a solution developed by Chatu Tech and Smart Engineering with the support of the Center for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI).
Chatu Tech
Smart Engineering
Iniciativa Neotec - CDTI
Leitat - Managing Technologies
Acció, Generalitat de Catalunya

Automate concrete curing monitoring

With Monsec it couldn’t be easier. Contact us to find out how you can implement Monsec in your projects or ask us for a demonstration.

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