Monsec. Monitoring sensors for concrete

Online monitoring of the process of concrete setting in real time

Monsec, solución tecnológica para la monitorización del fraguado del hormigón

Online monitoring of the process of concrete setting in real time

Advanced technology to control the setting of the concrete

Monsec® is a solution for remote monitoring of concrete setting in construction projects. Using wireless sensors, Monsec® measures key parameters inside the formwork and provides you with accurate real-time information on the strength and maturity of the concrete.

Monsec®’s advanced software generates real-time graphs of temperature, relative humidity and compressive strength of your formwork, which can be accessed via webapp from anywhere in the world to know the status of your projects at all times and make decisions key based on real data.

Integrated and automated system

Accurate information in real time

Optimize deadlines and costs

24/7 Accessible Cloud Information

Automate the data collection and processing of your formwork

Install the Monsec wireless sensors in the mesh, prior to pouring the concrete, and they will record the temperature and the relative humidity of the material throughout the setting process at predetermined intervals.

The sensors send the records by radio signal to the Monsec Station, which is installed together with the sensors. This station transmits the information via Wi-Fi network or data connection to the Monsec cloud server, where the data is processed and visually presented.

Sensor Monsec

Quick and easy to implant

No learning curve. You just need to install the Monsec Station on site and deploying the sensors is very simple: they are fastened to the mesh by means of a flange and activated by a button. Once activated, Monsec does the rest for you.

Plan the distribution of the sensors

With the support of the mobile app, you can mark the location of the sensors in the formwork. By installing several strategically distributed sensors, you will have a complete view of the setting process in the different areas of the formwork.

Sensor Monsec

Full control of all your projects with Monsec

Monsec allows you to centralize the monitoring of the concrete setting of all your formworks in a single solution and offers you different customization and alarm configuration options, to facilitate remote monitoring of the different locations.

Unlimited number of formworks

Through the Monsec app you can enter and configure all your formworks and deactivate them when it suits you.

Customize the settings for each formwork

Trace the formwork area, mark the position of the sensors and add the relevant additional information.

Parameterize the data logging interval

Adjust the frequency with which the sensors collect data, depending on the characteristics of the project.

Set automatic alarms

You will be notified via SMS in case the records deviate from the default parameters.

Accurate, complete and real-time information

Monsec provides you with accurate and complete information on various parameters related to concrete, which makes the evaluation of the setting process easier and offers reliable support to project management in decision-making for formwork interventions.

From the data registered in situ, Monsec processes and presents the information in the form of graphs, which allow monitoring of different parameters over time through the webapp, from anywhere.

These are the parameters that Monsec offers and that make it a highly reliable tool for setting monitoring, compared to other solutions:

Gráficas de presentación de datos en la webapp de Monsec

Temperature graphs

Monitor concrete temperature in real time.

Relative humidity graphs

Control the relative humidity of the concrete in real time.

Compressive strength

Calculated using the exclusive Monsec algorithm.

Thermal diagram

showing the temperature gradient in the formwork *.

Reduzca el riesgo de no conformidad en los ensayos de compresión mediante probetas en sus proyectos de construcción, con la solución Monsec

Monsec, your ally in decision making

Monsec gives you clear insight and greater control over the setting process and provides you with reliable data to support decision making. With Monsec, you will save unnecessary waiting time for stripping on your construction projects and reduce the risk of non-conformity in compression testing using specimens.

The automation of data collection and processing saves time and human resources, while remote access to information streamlines work processes and decisions about interventions.

Decision making based on real data

Helps choose the optimal time for stripping

Easy team coordination

Savings in time and resources

Monsec offers you high-value support in determining the optimal timing for stripping on your construction projects and will help you reduce the risk of non-conformity in compression testing using specimens.

A comprehensive solution

Sensor Monsec

Monsec sensor

The Monsec wireless sensor records the temperature and relative humidity in concrete, both fresh and hardened, and sends the data via radio signal to the Monsec Station.

There are two models of sensors, adapted for measurements at depths of up to 30 cm and up to 50 cm.

The frequency of the sensor measurements can be configured in the Monsec application, depending on the characteristics of the project, to obtain an effective calculation of the compressive strength. The sensor battery has an average duration of 3 months, with the default data collection frequency.

Monsec Station

The Monsec Station receives the data sent by the sensors, stores it and sends it to the Monsec server in the cloud. It can be connected to the electrical network or powered by a battery charged via electrical network or by solar panels.

This equipment adapts to the connectivity of the project location to transmit the data, for which it is possible to select one of the following options:


Sending data through a Wi-Fi network with internet connection.


Sending of data via GPRS / 3G / 4G / LTE modem.


Manual data recovery by dumping to USB memory.

Monsec Station
Monitorización de los encofrados desde la webapp de Monsec

Monsec Software

Monsec’s software includes an algorithm of its own development that allows the precise calculation of the instantaneous resistance of concrete Rc (MPa) from the temperature and relative humidity records collected by the sensors.

The temperature, relative humidity, resistance and maturity curves of the concrete are represented in the web application, from where it is possible to generate and download reports at any point in the process.

When several sensors are arranged in the same formwork, the software generates a thermal diagram from the values recorded by each sensor, which provides a graphic image of the state of the setting of the concrete at different points.


Mobile app

The Monsec mobile application allows you to perform the following actions on-site or remotely:

Create and remove formworks and synchronize them with the server.
Plot the formwork configuration, mark the location of the sensors, and include additional information.
Set the measurement ranges of the sensors independently.

The application is available for Android devices and soon for iOS devices.

Aplicación Monsec para móviles
Monsec is a solution developed by Chatu Tech y Smart Engineering with the support of theCenter for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI). .
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Automate monitoring of concrete setting

With Monsec it couldn’t be easier. Contact us to learn how you can implement Monsec in your projects or ask us for a demo.

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