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Our team of experts in concrete technology offers you a wide range of services to ensure the correct application of Monsec technology. Discover our specialized and customized services to meet the needs of your projects.

Concrete calibration

MONSEC has the facilities and the know-how to address both the experimental and numerical component of the calibration process of your concrete according to (ASTM C1074-UNE 83160).

The practical application of the concrete strength calculation based on the maturity methods starts by experimentally obtaining the relationship between the and the strength of the concrete under consideration. This ratio is then used in the work carried out with the same concrete to determine, in view of its temperature history, the strength evolution.

The calibration process consists of manufacturing a minimum of 17 specimens in the laboratory of the same mix to be used on site. Two of them are used to record the evolution of temperatures and the others to characterize the evolution of mechanical properties at a minimum of 5 different ages. After all the mechanical tests have been carried out, the maturity (or equivalent time)-resistance curve is adjusted numerically.

Reduzca el riesgo de no conformidad en los ensayos de compresión mediante probetas en sus proyectos de construcción, con la solución Monsec

What calibration services include

Standard maturity calibration

(According to Nurse-Saul and Arrhenius method)

Manufacture of test tubes

(UNE-EN 12390-2) 17: Ф15 cm × 30 cm


Installation of temperature sensors


Curing of specimens

(23 °C – 100 RH or other conditions)


Mechanical testing (5 or more ages)

Compressive strength.
Tensile strength.
Modulus of elasticity.


Determination of the maturation curve


Experimental determination of base temperature (T)0 activation energy (Ea)


Equivalent mortar supply


Manufacture of specimens

3 sets of:
18: 5 cm × 5 cm × 5 cm × 5 cm


Curing of test specimens

3 Temperatures


Mechanical tests

Compressive strength.


Determination of T0 or Ea


360° Technical Support

Integral advisory service in the application of the MONSEC solution in your construction project.

Applying the MONSEC solution in construction projects can be a challenge initially for engineers unfamiliar with sensor technology and the maturity method.

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing a full support service to ensure that engineers can take full advantage of the benefits of MONSEC in their construction projects.

Monsec, solución tecnológica para la monitorización del fraguado del hormigón

Our 360º Technical Support includes the following services:


On-line troubleshooting assistance throughout the entire project.


Assistance in decision making.


Optimization of dosages.


Validation Calibrations


Technical report preparation.


Sustainability studies.

Automate concrete curing monitoring

With Monsec it couldn’t be easier. Contact us to find out how you can implement Monsec in your projects or ask us for a demonstration.

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